Friday, July 3, 2009

first Blog, first thought

So, having made the switch from MSN live space to BLOGGER, I am starting to take this blogging thing more seriously. Hopefully I can more frequently post as well as develop the quality of my writing. That said, I am in the process of preparing for a short trip to china and tibet. It has been said that Tibet is one of the last few remaining places on earth where the way of life is still predominately bounded by tradition rather than modernity. From what i gathered, it should be a nice contrast to the rountines of new york city. On the otherhand, it should be acknowledged that the daily happening of new york city is probably more dyanmic than the daily lives of a tibetan, as we are really speaking on relative terms here. Going from an metropolis to a isolated confines of a ancient city should not be really a step towards progress, rather Tibet is a backwards region where tradition has ruled and slowed development. Some of it has to do with its logicistics, others has to do with its religious beliefs. Since i am not really a religious person, its the former that I will be more interested in. The Terrain of Tibet is something i am really looking forward to seeing. Its vast and harsh climate has always held a great deal of mystery to me. Far different from the mild weather I am use to in new york city. Tibet should offer me a glimpse to what life is like when its barely sustainable