Sunday, August 28, 2011

woke to the sound of plastic crunching near me, Its him again, i stumbled across my bed to my desk, the box full of wrapped candy seemed like the most logica source of sounds, i grabbed the box and it immediately felt heavier than what should be left over candy. mili seconds later, a gray mice jumped out and drifted to the nearest desktop clutter...

after picking up milk and towel at pathmart at 2am, i returned home began unload my purchase. as I reached to turn off the kitchen lights. i hear a squeak, unsure of the sounds origins, i pause and listened, 30 seconds later, i hear another faint squeak, it must be his brother. I focused my attention near the countertops. Another minute passes, i hear it again, this time louder, it must be coming from under stove, that's a perfect spot to hide. just tall enough to for an mice to squeeze through, but not really open enough to insert any brooms or sticks to cause any trouble. It must feel like a refuge camp down there, full of rustic stockpile of kitchen gunk. I duck at the source of my fustration. and try to find the little guy thats begging for my attention. 'AH so dark.. can't see anything"

I got up, and noticed there was a sticky mouse trap sticking out near the feet of the stove, It must have been left there for ages by mom, i figure its time to toss this useless solution. I proceed to yank it from the bottom of the stove corner only to find that it is stuck, ahhh must have gotten it self glued to the stove when mom put it in there. I tried again, and slide it out from the otherside of the stove. There i see the little gray mice laying helplessly on the gooy surface of the tray. It's squeaks again and seem to let out the last breath air through its lungs. After staring at it for a minute, I poked him with a piece of paper. Hmmm i guess i must have pulled him against the stove too hard. I turned off the lights and went upstairs to my bedroom..