Saturday, December 29, 2012

good quote from "writer's journey"

christopher nolans homage to akira kurosawa

Probably not too many have thought of this, but I noticed a pretty strong similarity between inception and Akira kurosawa's last master piece.  "Akira kurosawa's dream" although Christopher nolan himself doesn't say it, the strong similarities with both movie's story telling device suggests to me that Nolan was a big fan of Kurosawa. Beyond the obivious links in the title, Akira kurosawa's dreams  was also a movie that sowed together stories based on fractured dream states. The evidence gets stronger when we see the arctic mountain death scene in kurosawa's dream, which is not only mimicked by Nolan but was also served to use as the last dream event in inception. Both are great directors, but its interesting to know that the idea behind inception isn't without its forebears.