Wednesday, July 21, 2010


i dugg up an old draft entry which i never finished writing, I realized that the reason i never finished it is because it is impossible to write about inception with a rational breakdown. Given its complex plot and subplots, i became lost in my own words.

After finishing up freelance at 1stavemachine. I managed to find some downtime to watch the much talked about movie Inception by christopher Nolan, I picked a local theater in the bronx, where surprisingly, was offering reduced movie tickets every thursday. Not a bad way to spend 6 bucks on a thursday afternoon on a well known british director. Christopher Nolan is an interesting director. And I liked very much his previous effort "the dark knight". He seem to have a knack for offering insight to the unfamiliar and the strange. A good selling point for most people since it can offer some distraction to the mundane. I was interested in the emotional dynamics in his movies, and the dark knight had plenty of it. When you begin to understand and identify the logic behind the joker by his own words, I think as a director, you begin to hit a sweet spot in story telling. There is much to be said about the his version of batman, as it works on so many levels that reflects the conflict of our current society. A society that produces illogical individuals that dwells on the statistical nature of chaos. Masochistic individuals with an obsession of delivering justice. All characters with a dual purpose that answers the question of why. If the dark knight is an exercise in explaining the explicable. Then Inception is the scrambling of the answer in which we seek. Inception attempts to cascade our existence in to multiple versions of cohesive worlds. Each worlds with the same possibilities and outcome. Which for me was the heart of the movie. Inceptions idea of a dreamstate within a dreamstate is the question that I do not care to answer for. Inceptions dreamstate within a dreamstate is not a compelling place to be..."

Sunday, July 11, 2010