Saturday, March 30, 2013

spring is here in LA, Nomrally i would look out my window in new york city and see the changing greenery around the neighborhood, in LA not much really changes, things more or less look permanently green. Coming from NYC, it feels almost artificial. Almost like a time capsule. A sense of guilt comes with the perfect weather that CA offers. One feels like time is being cheated. and that somehow the pleasure of the weather will translate as that of punishment in another form. I guess one can't say it better than being guilty pleasure.

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  1. Tired after the work day, I drag my feet, one step at a time, up to my building, through the lobby, counting down the seconds until my commute is officially over, until I can lay down my work bag and toss myself across my couch, home at last. I shuffle to the mailbox, pull out the bills and the letters and the magazines. Then just like every other day, I round the corner, ready for the journey upwards, leaning forward to press that little call button.

    Early or late, you’re a welcome surprise, and I can’t help but be swept away in your refreshing embrace.